String Processing Library
Free Version


The String Processing Library is a free .NET component that expands the functionality of .NET string processing with 28 powerful string functions. The library is built from Visual C# Kicks original string function collection. Recoded for enhanced efficiency and robustness, this free .NET component is one you cannot do without.

For serious developers, consider the next level of power with String Processing Library PRO which includes a wider variety of functions and more sophisticated algorithms for better performance .


  • 100% .NET managed code
  • XML Documentation for every function
  • 28 different string functions:
    • Reverse
    • InsertSeparator
    • RemoveVowels
    • KeepVowels
    • AlternateCases
    • SwapCases
    • Capitalize
    • GetInitials
    • GetTitle
    • SubstringEnd
    • CharRight
    • CharMid
    • CountString
    • IndexOfAll
    • IsAlternateCases
    • IsCapitalized
    • IsLowerCase
    • IsUpperCase
    • HasVowels
    • IsSpaces
    • IsRepeatedChar
    • IsNumeric
    • HasNumeric
    • IsAlphaNumeric
    • IsLetter
    • IsTitle
    • IsEmailAddress
    • ArrayToString


.Net Framework 2.0 and up
Visual Studio 2005 and up for source code project


The String Processing Library component is under the Visual C# Kicks general license. You must agree to the license in order to use the component.


$0.00 - This component is free of charge for any number of developers.


v1.02 - Bug fixed for IndexOfAll function
v1.01 - Bug fixed for SubstringEnd function


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