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Delete Self
  • 4/5
Allows a standalone program to delete itself.

Distance Calculation using Latitude and Longitude in C#
  • 3.84/5
ZIPCodeWorld provides this routine to calculate the distance between two points in C#.

Print Console Table
  • 3.79/5
Allows a Console App to create a basic table (with headers)

Shuffle Lists and Arrays
  • 3.79/5
An in-place algorithm to randomly shuffle a list or array in C#

Distance Formula
  • 3.73/5
A simple implementation of the distance formula in C#

  • 3.72/5
This little snippet jiggles(shakes) your windows form.

Generic String Parsing
  • 3.71/5
A generic function for converting a string into a type.

Degree To Point and Back
  • 3.7/5
Convert an angle in degrees into an XY-coordinate point and back.

Project a 2D Point on a Line
  • 3.69/5
Perpendicularly project a 2D point onto a 2D line.

TinyUrl Updater
  • 3.69/5
Allows you to update a standalone app using TinyUrl.

Temporary File Class
  • 3.59/5
Easily handle temporary file management in C#

Combination Function
  • 3.58/5
A simple function to calculate the number of possible combinations.

Data to CSV
  • 3.57/5
Write a DataTable or a DataView to a CSV file.

Taking Screenshots with C#
  • 3.55/5
Using API calls in C# to capture an image of the monitor screen.

Point in Triangle New
  • 3.42/5
The traditional method is to use barycenter coordinates. By using parameterized triangle line segments, an interpolated point may be found.

Sort Strings by Length
  • 3.41/5
Sort a collection of strings by their length, from shortest to longest.

Multilevel Hierarchy - Class Interface
  • 3.41/5
An example of a multilevel hierarchy using class interfaces

Linq Objects
  • 3.4/5
Querying linq objects

Periodic Table in string[][] Array
  • 3.35/5
Has every known element in a two dimensional array

Extension methods for string hasing and encryption
  • 3.29/5
This collection deals with strings security, with these extensions you can properly use hashing and encryption.

Fraction Structure
  • 3.25/5
A C# struct to represent decimal numbers as fractions.

Encryption Class
  • 3.21/5
Class to easily encrypt strings and other types of data.

Convert MySQL CreateTable Statements to MS-SQL New
  • 3/5
Convert the create table definition from MySQL ready to use into Microsoft SQL Server 2008

RNGCryptoServiceProvider Random Integer
  • 2.86/5
Generate a random integer in a range using the RNGCryptoServiceProvider class.

PHP Time
  • 2.77/5
Returns time represented in the same way as the PHP time() function.

  • 2.63/5
Calculate the factorial value of a number in C#.NET

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