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Choosing C#

It goes without saying that there is a plethora of programming languages in the world. Choosing the one that best suits your application needs is essential to develop successful software programs. In this article we'll explore some of the advantages of choosing C#.Net as an object-oriented developing platform.

Cross-Language Communication

For starters C# compiles to the Common Intermediate Language (CIL). This is true of any of the .Net languages. Thus allowing C# applications and libraries to communicate and interact with programs written in any of the other .Net programming languages. On both a small and large scale that can be an extremely time-saving attribute...

Distributing C# Applications

Secondly C# applications run for "free" on the systems of end users. That means that users do not have to pay to install the .Net Framework which allows C# applications to execute. Additionally many systems, especially Windows based ones, already have the .NET Framework installed, making application distribution a lot easier.

C# Syntax

Another advantage of C# is the programming syntax. The syntax is very similar to that of Java and C/C++. This makes it a programming language that is easy to adopt while remaining extremely powerful.

Also the syntax is highly disciplined. Unlike Visual Basic for example, Csharp's syntax does not allow certain shortcuts that while they might appear to be time-saving, are actually costly in the long run. Instead C# is very structured making it easier to maintain and avoiding unnecessary complexity.

Web Applications

Then C# gives programmers the ability to create desktop and website applications. No longer are you limited to only desktop development. The .Net Framework comes with powerful web support with ASP.Net, which can be programmed with C# or Visual Basic.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Finally developing in C#.NET is free thanks to Microsoft's Express Editions. The C# Express Edition allows programmers to create and distribute C# applications without spending a penny. Although tailored to nonprofessional programmers, it can be used for business as well. For large projects then you will want to purchase a version of the Microsoft Visual Studio which includes countless additionally features to facilitate serious application development.

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